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Mar 17, 2022 Can Moderate Physical Activity Help Protect Against Getting Severe COVID-19?
Mar 15, 2022 Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke Significantly Elevated - Cardiovascular Problems Post-COVID
Mar 10, 2022 Concussion and Rugby
Mar 08, 2022 A Small Study Using Epidural Electrical Stimulation May Offer Hope of New Treatment for Severe Spinal Cord Injury
Mar 01, 2022 Medical Conditions Can Change Your Brain
Feb 24, 2022 Why Does COVID cause Brain Fog? Scientists Try To Find Out
Feb 22, 2022 Can a Ketogenic Diet Reduce Damage from TBI?
Feb 21, 2022 Long COVID and Disability Benefits
Feb 17, 2022 Post-Concussion Return-To-Play and Injury Reduction
Feb 15, 2022 Neuralink Starts Clinical Trials
Feb 10, 2022 Who's to Blame When Autonomous Vehicles Kill?
Feb 08, 2022 There are More Signs of Brain Damage in People with Severe Covid-19 than in Alzheimer’s Patients
Feb 03, 2022 Technology in Vehicles Has Become A Distraction to Driving
Feb 01, 2022 CBD Oil and Pain Control
Jan 27, 2022 City of Kitchener Continues to Implement Vision Zero
Jan 25, 2022 Vision Zero’s commitment to continuously and preemptively improve safety on the roads
Jan 20, 2022 Much Higher Deductibles Announced for 2022 by Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario
Jan 18, 2022 Robot exoskeleton developed locally as an aid for those with mobility impairment
Jan 13, 2022 A new Germany Study suggests COVID lock downs make chronic pain in women worse
Jan 12, 2022 New Medical Test Disallowed as it Does Not Pass Test of Novel Science - Meade v. Hussein, 2021 ONSC 7850 (CanLII)

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