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May 16, 2024 Proposed Stiffer Penalties for Impaired Driving in Ontario: A Legal Analysis
Feb 09, 2023 The OPP have released their data and determined that 2022 was deadly on our roads
Jan 24, 2023 Impaired Driving Remains a Serious Problem on our Roads
Oct 27, 2022 It was National Teen Safety Driver Week Last Week
Jun 07, 2022 Links between Stress, Brain Injury, and Disease
Apr 14, 2022 What’s More Dangerous? Impaired Driving or Texting Behind the Wheel?
Feb 18, 2021 Upper-Range Award Ordered in Personal Injury Case with Psychiatric Injuries to all Aspects of Life - Kempton v Struke Estate, 2020 BCSC 2094 (CanLII)
Mar 24, 2020 Are Social Hosts Responsible in the Death of 1 Teen and Injury of Another After They Leave Party Drunk and High?
Jan 07, 2020 30% of Canadians have driven after smoking cannabis or have been in a car driven by someone who has
Jan 02, 2020 New CAA Online Poll finds that 20% of the respondents admit they have driven after consuming cannabis or been a passenger with someone who has
Dec 10, 2019 Basic Level Of Auto Insurance is Not Enough If You Are Hurt in A Car Accident
Dec 18, 2018 New Distracted Driving Law January 1 - Part of Cannabis Legislation
Dec 04, 2018 What is Too High to Drive?
Nov 27, 2018 There is a need for improved approved road side THC tests

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