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Sep 02, 2021 New Drivers Face Uphill Battle to Get Tested
Aug 31, 2021 What You Should Know About School Bus Stop-Arm Cameras and Safety
Aug 26, 2021 Are You Starting your Commute to Work or School Again? Tell Your Auto Insurer!
Aug 24, 2021 Swimming and Diving Accidents
Aug 19, 2021 Fewer Cars on the Road Did Not Improve Cycling Safety During the Pandemic
Aug 17, 2021 Accident Rates Declined, Driving Declined, But Auto Insurance Rates Increased
Aug 12, 2021 Personal Injury Lawyers Are Using CT Scans to Estimate Future Treatment Needs and Disability Resulting from TBI and Concussion
Aug 10, 2021 The Relationship Between Head Trauma, Brain Injury, Emotion Dysregulation and Trauma -Related Psychiatric Disorders
Aug 05, 2021 New Research Examines The Prevalence and Impact of Neuropathic and Non-Neuropathic Pain in Chronic Spinal Cord Injury
Aug 02, 2021 Delays in new truck driver licensing could cost lives
Jul 20, 2021 All Running Limitation Periods are Extended 183 Days Due to COVID-19 but That Doesn't Help This Claimant - McAuley v. Canada Post Corporation, 2021 ONSC 4528
Jul 20, 2021 New and Significant Departure from Previous Upper Limits for Such Damages – Moore v. 7595611 Canada Corp., 2021 ONCA 459
Jul 20, 2021 Brain Injury Can Change Everything – Including Your Marriage
Jul 15, 2021 Motorcycle Deaths At Concerning Levels Again This Year
Jul 13, 2021 New Treatment Protocols May Be Useful for Mild TBI Victims with Chronic Symptoms
Jul 08, 2021 What do we know about toddlers and concussions ~ Concussion can cause lower IQ scores that persist for years after injury.
Jul 06, 2021 New Study Shows Children Who Suffer One Concussion Are Four Times More Likely to Sustain a Subsequent Concussion
Jul 01, 2021 Pedestrian Safety on Increasingly Busy Sidewalks
Jun 29, 2021 Being Black Impacts Maternal and Other Health Outcomes
Jun 24, 2021 MOMS Act - Proposed New Legislation Aims to Keep Vulnerable Road Users and Young Drivers Safe

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