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Nov 02, 2021 Long COVID and Young Victims
Oct 28, 2021 Are Autonomous Driving Cars Safe? UW Research Aims to Find Out.
Oct 28, 2021 City of Kitchener Approves Plan to Lower Speeds to 40km/h for Safety
Oct 25, 2021 City held negligent for plowing parking but not clearing access points to the sidewalk - Nelson (City) v Marchi SCC 41
Oct 25, 2021 Virtual Discoveries Are Here For Good – WORSOFF and MTCC 1168 2021 ONSC 6493
Oct 22, 2021 Courts continue to widen exceptions to the 10-day notice period for injury on municipal lands
Oct 21, 2021 Sport-Related Concussion May Heal Faster In Adolescents Who Perform Aerobic Exercise
Oct 19, 2021 Healing from Concussion - Screen Time Yes or No?
Oct 14, 2021 Are Fully Driverless Vehicles Ready for the Road?
Oct 13, 2021 Digging into Gravel Pits - Old Grey Mayors with Guest Todd Cowan
Oct 12, 2021 Potential new treatment may provide relief from long term brain injury side effects
Oct 07, 2021 Apple Watch Offers New Ways to Measure Falls and Can Alert Emergency Services for You
Oct 05, 2021 Low Velocity Falls and Concussion - They Are More Serious Than We Believed
Sep 28, 2021 Concussion and Convergence Insufficiency (Eye Injury)
Sep 23, 2021 Concussion Recovery – What’s a normal length of time to recover from brain injury?
Sep 21, 2021 The NFL and Its Concussion Protocol
Sep 16, 2021 Highlights of the New AAN (American Academy of Neurology) Quality Measures for Concussion
Sep 14, 2021 Episode 24: 7 Secrets for Electoral Success with Bryan Stortz
Sep 14, 2021 Innovative brain injury therapy idea yields good results and inspiring stories
Sep 07, 2021 What does a flashing green light mean on a vehicle?

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