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May 17, 2022 Neuropathy and Spinal Cord Injury
May 15, 2022 Slipping beside the car is not an accident as defined by the Schedule - Racey v The Co-operators General Insurance Company, 2022 CanLII 2764 (ON LAT)
May 13, 2022 Machine Learning Now Being Used to Inform TBI Treatment and Outcomes
May 09, 2022 Episode 30: Bob Williams - Bob is not an elected politician, but he has dealt with a lot of them
May 02, 2022 StatsCan 2021 Census Tells Canada It's Old
Apr 28, 2022 Old Grey Mayors – Episode 31: Bringing Toyota to the Region with Gerry Thompson
Apr 26, 2022 We're Proud Supporters of Public Art in the Region
Apr 21, 2022 Child Safety Seats – Consistent Use and Proper sizing are Key
Apr 19, 2022 Are Standard Tests Accurate at Spotting Concussion?
Apr 14, 2022 What’s More Dangerous? Impaired Driving or Texting Behind the Wheel?
Apr 12, 2022 Old Grey Mayors Episode 33 - Revisiting the 1989’s Elmira Uniroyal Aquifer Contamination with Gerry Thompson
Apr 07, 2022 We're admitting to all kinds of BAD driving habits!
Apr 05, 2022 Autonomous Vehicles and their Wide Ranging Market Impacts
Mar 31, 2022 Online Reviews – Can you Be Held Liable for Negative Comments?
Mar 29, 2022 Patients who had severe cases of COVID-19 are reporting lasting depression and Anxiety
Mar 24, 2022 Birth Trauma Injury - Erb’s Palsy
Mar 22, 2022 Researchers Believe Genetics Play Significant Role in Determining Who Gets Severe COVID
Mar 17, 2022 Can Moderate Physical Activity Help Protect Against Getting Severe COVID-19?
Mar 15, 2022 Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke Significantly Elevated - Cardiovascular Problems Post-COVID
Mar 10, 2022 Concussion and Rugby

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