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The City of Woodstock is a vibrant community of almost 40,000 people located along the 401 in southwest Ontario at the headwaters of the Thames River. It is Oxford County’s largest town, and it boasts a scenic downtown filled with original buildings dating back to Woodstock’s incorporation in 1851. It is known as the “Dairy City” or the “Friendly City”, both names harkening back to the area’s strong rural roots. Today it is best known to many people for being the home of the Toyota Woodstock West plant which sprawls along the south-east side of the town, employing more than 8000 people. Toyota and its suppliers employ a huge proportion of the area’s population.

Woodstock has beautiful historical residential areas, modern subdivisions and shopping areas, and the newly built Woodstock Hospital which is the envy of many towns in Ontario. It is fully equipped to treat emergencies, has an MRI, offers treatment for mental health issues, and has a newly built helipad.

Woodstock is in the snow belt area of Ontario and the area roads can be treacherous particularly in the winter time. The 401 is closed regularly in the Woodstock stretch during the late fall, winter and early spring usually due to accidents on the highway caused by heavy snow, white outs, and icy conditions on the road. Woodstock has two exits along the 401, and an MTO truck inspection station is also located just to the west of Woodstock on the highway. When driving in or around Woodstock you may encounter oversized trucks pulling large Windmill components, and large but slow moving farm equipment. Be sure to only pass these if safe and permitted.

Working on behalf of injured victims since 1995

If you have been injured in an accident or due to someone else's negligence, you should immediately consult an experienced lawyer to determine if you have a claim.

Deutschmann Law has served the Woodstock area proudly for two decades representing clients injured in car accidents, slip and falls, and who are fighting for their disability benefits. We can arrange home and hospital visits to speak with you about your case.

Our Woodstock personal injury lawyers can advise you in all injury matters including:
  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Injuries
  • Tort Claims
  • Brain Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Pedestrian Accidents

When you engage our firm to represent you, you can be confident that you will have an experienced team behind you. We will develop a legal stategy that will help ensure that your case is taken seriously by the insurance companies. If we cannot negotiate a fair settlment on your behalf, our experienced trial lawyers can argue your case in court. We have a strong network of experts, including practicing medical and rehabilitation experts, who we can call upon to help us put your best case forward to ensure an unbiased, credible expert opinion.

What is my claim worth?

It is difficult to estimate a settlement for any serious personal injury claim without considering a large number of factors. These include the nature of your injuries, the cause of your injury and the impact your injuries will have on your ability to work and carry out daily living activities. Seeking help from an experienced personal injury lawyer is the best way to ensure that you and your family get the settlement you deserve.

Remember that all personal injury claims have time limits that can affect your rights. You should consult one of our personal injury lawyers immediately to review your case and ensure that you do not lose the right to sue.

Consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can to begin the process of creating the right framework to achieve a good settlement and avoid mistakes that can compromise your claim.

Practice Areas

  1. Car accidents
  2. Motorcycle accidents
  3. Automobile accident benefits
  4. Catastrophic injury
  5. Brain injury
  6. Paraplegia and Quadriplegia
  7. Spinal cord injury
  8. Drunk driving accidents
  9. Concussion syndrome
  1. Wrongful death
  2. Bicycle accidents
  3. Disability insurance claims
  4. Slip and fall injury
  5. Fractures or broken bone injury
  6. Pedestrian accidents
  7. Chronic pain
  8. Truck accidents
  9. Amputation and disfigurement

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