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Feb 01, 2024 Navigating Slip and Fall Season: Protecting Yourself and Understanding Legal Implications
Dec 21, 2023 Understanding Slip and Fall Incidents in Ontario
Dec 19, 2023 Why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer when you are seriously injured in an accident
Oct 17, 2023 Traumatic Brain Injury: An Under-Recognized Factor in Accidents
Sep 22, 2023 Slip and Fall Accidents in Ontario: Why You Should Call Us
Mar 07, 2023 Electrical Stimulation Shows Great Promise for Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Dec 06, 2022 The Number of Canadians with Disabilities Continues to Increase – What Does This Mean?
Nov 28, 2022 5 Winter Hazards to Look Out For - Keep Yourself Safe
Oct 18, 2022 Chronic Pain is a Fact of Life for Many with Spinal Cord Injury
Oct 06, 2022 TBI Is a Significant Canadian and Global Health Issue
Sep 13, 2022 A New Blood Test for TBI may Predict Disability or Death
Jun 07, 2022 Links between Stress, Brain Injury, and Disease
May 17, 2022 Neuropathy and Spinal Cord Injury
Dec 07, 2021 Slipping and Falling on Ice Is the Cause of Many Winter Personal Injuries
Nov 23, 2021 'Dancing Molecules' offer new hope for traumatic spinal cord injury recovery
Nov 22, 2021 Slip And Fall Case Fails Due to Deficient Notice - Fernando v. Niagara Falls (City), 2021 ONSC 7350 (CanLII)
Oct 25, 2021 City held negligent for plowing parking but not clearing access points to the sidewalk - Nelson (City) v Marchi SCC 41
Oct 22, 2021 Courts continue to widen exceptions to the 10-day notice period for injury on municipal lands
Oct 12, 2021 Potential new treatment may provide relief from long term brain injury side effects
Oct 07, 2021 Apple Watch Offers New Ways to Measure Falls and Can Alert Emergency Services for You

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