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Mar 17, 2009 Physical and Mental Health of Insured Threatened by Further Assessment
Mar 06, 2009 Catastrophic Impairment and Chronic Pain
Feb 11, 2009 Found not Catastrophically Impaired Based on Whole Person Impairment
Jan 30, 2009 Combining Physical and Psychological Impairments when Determining Catastrophic Assessment.
Dec 01, 2008 Accident Benefit Coverage Without Insurance
Aug 16, 2008 Either Party May Meet Privately With DAC Assessors Prior to Testifying
Jul 05, 2008 Report Attempts to Advise Arbitrator on Proper Interpretation of AMA Guidelines
Jun 28, 2008 Insured Was Entitled to Interim Attendant Care Benefits Due to the Exacerbation of Pre-Accident Condition
Jun 08, 2008 The Superior Court Affirms Whole Body Impairment Assessment
May 04, 2008 Nanny Expenses Can Be Paid Separate From a Caregiver Benefit
Feb 04, 2008 Insurer Has the Right to Dispute the Findings of the Catastrophic Impairment Designated Assessment Centre
Jan 19, 2008 Pool supplier liable to customer for advice about a pool slide that was purchased privately
Dec 16, 2007 Insurers Continue to Try and Dispute the Combining of Physical and Psychological Impairments
Dec 03, 2007 Physical and Psychological Impairments Combined to Determine Whole Person Impairment Rating
Nov 17, 2007 Insurer is Unable to Challenge the Catastrophic Determination
Nov 03, 2007 Insured's Physical and Psychological Condition to Assess Catastrophic Impairment
Nov 03, 2007 Insurer's Obligations with respect to Home Modifications After Car Accident
Oct 22, 2007 A Personal Injury Lawyer wears many “hats” when advocating on behalf of an injured person.
Oct 21, 2007 What is an “indirect” use of a car?
Oct 19, 2007 Insurer is Required to Pay for Past Attendant Care Even When No Such Services were Provided

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