Chronic Pain is a Fact of Life for Many with Spinal Cord Injury

October 18, 2022, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer

In Canada, it is estimated by the Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Registry that over 86,000 people live with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). 44,000 of them suffered traumatic SCI. For many with SCI chronic pain is a fact of life. Unfortunately. many treatments for chronic pain are not healthy in the long run.

What is SCI?

The spine contains a thick bundle of nerves that run from the brain to the buttocks. These nerves are the transmission path that sends messages to and from the brain and the muscles and nerves in your body. It’s how the body communicates pain, movement, pleasure, and other functions.
Sometimes this nerve bundle is damaged either traumatically (car accident or broken back) or it may be injured due to tumour, inflammation, or infection (non-traumatic). The damage can be complete or incomplete. The results can be full paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia).

Why is there pain?

If there is incomplete damage to the cord, there is still some sensation in the affected body parts. Signals can be scrambled; nerve sensations may be felt as pain. This pain may be nerve pain or may be felt as pain to the area.

Can’t you take a pill for the pain?

Pharmaceutical treatments have some use but also drawbacks. Stomach, kidney, and liver function can be impacted by NSAID use, while opioids can become addictive and reduce efficacy. Nerve block treatments are effective sometimes. Cortisone injections lose efficacy over time.

How can I manage my SCI pain?

If you have Neuropathic pain (abnormal nerve communication) the treatment is especially difficult. You should consult your primary care physician and seek help. You may need a combination of physical therapies, modifications to activity, cognitive behaviour therapies, and pharmaceuticals.
Musculoskeletal pain (muscles, joints and bones) is caused by the mechanical systems being injured through trauma or overuse, age or arthritis. It is common in wheelchair-bound patients. The pain often gets worse with use and better with rest. Treatment often focuses on physical therapy, retraining movement patterns, and pharmaceutical use to reduce inflammation

Visceral pain is caused by the nerve impulses failing to correctly transmit. Pain in the abdomen can cause constipation and other issues from the internal organs not working correctly.

For anyone with SCI, it is extremely important to treat all issues. Common medical problems include UTIs, bowel problems, sleep and skin problems. Diagnosis of these and their treatment goes a long way to making life better.

Staying fit, at a good weight, and physically active is recommended for everyone but is of particular importance for those who have an SCI. Exercise can improve movement, release tension and anxiety and depression. It will also make getting around easier and reduce pain in the long term.

Keeping a good sleep schedule, eating well and reducing stress in your life is also important

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