5 Winter Hazards to Look Out For - Keep Yourself Safe

November 28, 2022, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer

car travelling on snow packed road in forestWe are all aware of the cold of winter and the inconvenience of shoveling and clearing off cars, but beyond this there are many risks that heighten your chances of being seriously injured or killed.

Getting stuck in the snow

If you get stuck or slide off the road outside of a major urban centre you may find yourself stuck for some time. If you are idling your car to keep warm make sure you avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by getting out of the car regularly to make sure your tailpipe stays clear of snow. If you must idle your car crack a window open for fresh air and clear the pipe regularly.
Carry an emergency kit with nonperishable food, a cup and candle to melt snow for drinking, a shovel, a blanket, a cell phone charger. They don’t take much room in the car.

Running a generator or any open flame device inside

Power outages are common in the winter, especially outside of urban areas. When you have an extended outage you may be tempted to haul out the camping stove and lantern, and your generator. Beware. These devices emit carbon monoxide that is considered the silent killer.
If you run these devices, do so outside in well ventilated areas.

Falling Ice and Snow

Certain construction materials like steel roofs collect large amounts of ice and snow. When these finally let go the falling debris can injure or kill. If you have large icicles or deep snow and ice on your structures make sure to either have them removed or to block the slide area below them off to protect yourself and others.

Driving on icy roads

There is no control on icy roads. If you know the roads are icy stay off them. If you suddenly encounter ice on the roads remove your foot from the gas, do not brake or steer suddenly. SLOW down and stay in control until you can safely get off the road. Use traction devices such as studs and chains where permitted.


Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common winter injuries in Canada. Make sure to look where you are walking, slow down on ice and snow. Wear appropriate footwear – boots with heavy treads. Consider wearing spikes on your boots when the sidewalk is icy.

What should you do if you get hurt?

If you or a loved one are seriously injured in in winter accident due to someone else’s negligence like a car crash on an icy road, a slip and fall on private property or municipal property, contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers today.


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