Potential Conflicts and Dangers Arise as Grey County Allows Off-Road Motorcycles on Rail Trail

August 10, 2023, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer

Grey County, in collaboration with the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) and the local chapter club, the Dufferin Rooftop Recreational Riders, has embarked on a one-year pilot project. The project aims to permit off-road motorcycles on the rail trail between Rockford and Dundalk, which already allows ATV riders. While this may be exciting news for off-road enthusiasts, it also raises concerns about potential use conflicts and dangers, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Pilot Project Details

During the one-year trial period, OFTR members with proper credentials, including insurance, trail permits, and a noise level below 94 decibels, will have access to the rail trail. Additionally, both motorcycle and ATV riders will be required to obey all posted trail signage, including speed limits. This measure is intended to ensure the safety of all users and protect the environment.

Use Conflicts with Pedestrians

One of the main concerns with allowing off-road motorcycles on the rail trail is the potential for use conflicts with pedestrians. Unlike ATVs, motorcycles can achieve higher speeds and may pose a greater risk to walkers, hikers, and joggers using the trail. With differing speeds and handling capabilities, conflicts between motorized vehicles and pedestrians could lead to accidents and injuries.

Furthermore, the noise and speed of motorcycles might startle pedestrians, causing them to lose focus and balance. Grey County should carefully monitor the trail to ensure that pedestrians are not put at risk during the trial period. Designated pedestrian-only areas or restricted hours for motorized vehicles could be considered as potential solutions.

Motorcycles can also cause serious rutting to the trail which may cause fall hazards for cyclists and pedestrians and cyclsits. Motorcyclists may also be hurt in the accidents.

Dangers to Cyclists

Cyclists are another group that may face risks due to the introduction of off-road motorcycles on the rail trail. Cyclists often share the trail with pedestrians, and the increased speed and noise of motorcycles can create hazardous conditions. The potential for accidents and collisions is heightened in areas with limited visibility or narrow passages.

To mitigate these dangers, Grey County should consider implementing separate cycling lanes or establishing dedicated cycling hours. This way, cyclists can enjoy the trail safely without the worry of encountering high-speed motorized vehicles.

Environmental Impact

Allowing off-road motorcycles on the rail trail can also raise environmental concerns. Motorcycles can cause soil erosion and damage vegetation, especially in sensitive areas along the trail. To minimize these effects, Grey County should work closely with environmental experts and trail maintenance teams to identify and protect ecologically fragile zones. Regular assessments and necessary repairs can help preserve the trail's natural beauty for future generations.

While the pilot project with OFTR and the Dufferin Rooftop Recreational Riders presents an exciting opportunity for off-road enthusiasts, it also brings potential use conflicts and dangers for pedestrians and cyclists. Grey County must prioritize the safety and enjoyment of all users on the trail. To achieve this, measures like pedestrian-only areas, restricted motorized vehicle hours, enforce speed limits, dedicated cycling lanes, and environmental conservation efforts should be considered during the one-year trial period. With careful planning and monitoring, the county can strike a balance between recreational use and safety on the rail trail, ensuring a positive outcome for everyone involved.

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