Red Light Cameras have become common and hated but proponents argue that they do the job.

August 01, 2016, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer

Red ligRed light cameraht cameras have been around for a while now. In the Region of Waterloo they are used to help reduce the number of vehicles intentionally running red lights. The camera is automatically triggered and takes images of any vehicle that enters the intersection on a red light. They DO NOT take an image if the vehicle enters on a yellow, or if the light turns red while the car is in the intersection.

We have 16 cameras installed in the Region, all in intersection that have a high number of red light collisions. Traffic analysis has concluded that these controlled intersections have 27% fewer angle collisions due to disobeying traffic controls, 60% fewer turning crashes, and 23% fewer rear-end crashes.

Of course, the cameras do nothing about the people who run a red light due to inattention, or distraction. Arguably the most dangerous sort of red light running. These people will likely not even realize that they ran a red until they open the mail to the hefty $325 fine.

Insurance Business of Canada reported that a recent study revealed removing cameras from intersections can result in the number of fatalities increasing. The numbers reveal that the red light crashes increased by almost 30% in intersections where they are removed. The study also showed that all crashes at these intersections went up by 16%. Red light cameras word by making motorists more aware of behavior.

Intersections with Cameras (ROW)


  • Franklin Boulevard southbound at Saginaw Parkway
  • Hespeler Road northbound at Lang's Drive/Sheldon Drive
  • Park Hill Road eastbound at Water Street


  • Duke Street northbound at Frederick Street
  • Homer Watson Boulevard southbound at Pioneer Drive
  • Ottawa Street eastbound at Homer Watson Boulevard
  • Ottawa Street eastbound at 1400 Ottawa Street (Sunrise Shopping Centre Access)


  • Bridgeport Road westbound at Albert Street
  • Bridgeport Road westbound at Regina Street
  • Erb Street eastbound at Regina Street
  • King Street northbound at Bridgeport Road
  • University Avenue eastbound at Dale Crescent/Lincoln Road
  • Weber Street southbound at Bridgeport Road
  • Weber Street southbound at Erb Street
  • Weber Street northbound at Lincoln Road/Bridgeport Plaza
  • Weber Street northbound at Union Street 

image courtesy of The Record


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