Five TBI Myths

January 14, 2021, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer

Traumatic Brain Injury is a very common injury in Canada and a leading cause of hospitalization across all age groups. Concussion is the mildest form of TBI. There are many myths around concussions. Here are the top 5.

  1. You only have a concussion if you get ‘knocked out’ or lose consciousnessFALSE
    A very serious TBI or concussion may cause a loss of consciousness however many brain injuries occur without blacking out. Mild brain injury symptoms include dizziness, headache, foggy brain, vomiting, poor balance or blurred/double vision. Anytime someone hits their head or takes a serious body blow and suffers any of these symptoms they should go immediately to the hospital for medical assessment.
  2. Only Athletes Get Concussions – FALSE
    Anyone can suffer a concussion. Slip and fall accidents make up about 40% of all concussions in Ontario. Young children and the elderly are particularly likely to sustain concussions from slip and fall accidents. Car accidents and physical assaults are also major causes of concussion.
  3. You can only suffer a concussion or TBI with a blow to the head – FALSE
    Any blow to the head or to the body that causes the brain to ‘jiggle’ can cause a concussion. Car accidents are often accompanied by whiplash which can cause concussion. Body blows in rugby or hockey can cause the head to move suddenly and violently and can result in concussion as well.
  4. Avoid sleep if you have a concussion – FALSE
    Sleep and rest are now often recommended for people who have been diagnosed with concussion. You should immediately seek medical attention if a concussion is suspected and follow the physician’s advice.
  5. CT Scans are the definitive diagnostic tool for concussion – FALSE
    Just because a CT scan is normal it doesn’t mean you have not had a mild brain injury. Often individuals are cleared to return home because CT scans are normal but in reality, brain damage has occurred. This is why new blood tests like the one from Abbott that I wrote about this week are crucial to adopt and use. Coaches, parents, and family should all be educated on what to do if there is a suspected concussion.

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