Our Commitment

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Our commitment is to ensure that you receive exceptional service in advancing your claim. We recognize that your loss has had a significant impact on your life and that of your family. Our personal injury lawyer team recognizes that your needs are immediate and serious. We work to ensure that you receive prompt and effective service. We work to provide you with full information about your claim so that you are kept up to date every step of the way.

“One impressive commitment to service” is not just a slogan for us, but our mission on behalf of you, our client. 

How are we Compensated?

Our team of personal injury lawyers recognizes that your loss often involves financial hardship for you. We do not want to add to that hardship. We do not require an up front retainer from you. We will cover the expenses in advancing your claim. We are so confident about our ability to successfully assist you with your claim that we only charge a percentage fee when your claim is settled. We recover our fee and expenses when you are paid.

Our maximum percentage contingency fee charged is 25%. We will confirm our fee in writing in our detailed retainer agreement with you, so there are no surprises when your claim is settled.

Our Technology Advantage

A personal injury practice deals with a large amount of documentation. Our role as personal injury lawyers is to tell the client's story. As part of that process, we obtain documents from all medical practitioners including ambulance, hospital, treatment providers, records from your accident benefit insurer and all third party medical benefit plans, income records including income tax returns, employment records, liability records including the police report and all investigations. In order to most effectively manage all this documentation, and ensure our clients continue to obtain exceptional and prompt service, our firm incorporates updated technology and legal software in the operation of our personal injury practice.

We employ scanning technology and all documentation and correspondence received at our firm is scanned. This allows us to maintain a high level of organization for our clients' files. It allows us to review documentation, highlight and annotate key sections and search our documents quickly and efficiently. Scanning allows us to easily search key terms and phrases in our clients' medical documents. Scanning also provides the added benefits of allowing us to email documents to other parties or provide documents in a CD format, thereby reducing the amount of paper necessary to photocopy documents.

We also employ file management software to ensure that our team is updated on all activity on a particular file. It is important that a client's file is constantly moving forward towards resolution. Our file management software ensures that our clients' matters are dealt with competently and efficiently, with the goal of ensuring our client receives maximum compensation for their injuries. Our commitment to the use of technology in our practices is an example of how our firm assists our clients by maximizing the use of available resources and constantly find ways to improve productivity. This allows us more time to focus and strategize on a client's matter.

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