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The City of Cambridge (formerly the cities of Hespeler, Preston and Galt) was formed by the Province of Ontario in 1973. The historical roots of the area date well back into the 1800s. There is still a healthy rivalry in Cambridge, with most people referring to which part of the city they are actually from. This is useful given that there are some duplications of street names in the communities.

Cambridge falls within the Region of Waterloo, an upper tier municipality, which manages regional affairs such as regional roads and garbage collection. Cambridge is bisected by Highway 401 (currently under long term construction), and Highway 24. Cambridge is home to Conestoga College. Cambridge forms part of Canada’s Technology Triangle with many hi-tech and space companies calling it home. Cambridge Memorial Hospital is currently undergoing multi-million dollar renovations and provides a full range of medical care for this city of over 130,000 people. Cambridge is the confluence of the Grand and Speed Rivers.

Cambridge is home to many red-light cameras which are merciless in catching and fining the owners of cars that run red lights. The Region of Waterloo has installed many roundabouts on the regional roads throughout Cambridge. The intent of the roundabouts is to improve traffic flow, and to reduce the number of serious accidents in intersections. The number of serious personal injuries has decreased, but the number of overall collisions rose as the roundabouts have been installed. Learning to use roundabouts is a crucial exercise if you are driving in the city. You can watch a video on how to use them put out by the Region of Waterloo.

The stretch of the 401 through Cambridge is often delayed, slowed and has sections closed due to construction and accidents. Current projects are expected to end in 2018, however new construction on the next stretch of the 401 through Cambridge was recently announced to start in 2018.

Deutschmann Law has proudly been serving Cambridge and area for two decades. We specialize in personal injury cases involving car, bus, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

Featured FAQs - Motorcycle Accidents

I was recently involved in a motorcycle accident, are there any special considerations for motorcycle accident cases?

Your rights under the law are the same regardless of whether you were driving a motorcycle or any other street-legal vehicle. Nevertheless, motorcycle drivers are more vulnerable since they are harder to see and it is harder for other drivers to judge the speed of a motorcycle. A good motorcycle accident lawyer is needed to defend your rights.

I was partially responsible for the accident can I still seek compensation?

Yes, you are still entitled to compensation for injuries even if it is deemed that you were partially at fault. You total compensation may be reduced by a percentage that is commensurate with the degree to which you were at fault.

I have been unable to work since the accident, can I get back my lost wages?

Yes, we can help ensure that you are fully compensated for direct losses such as lost income as well as reduction in future income if we can prove that your injuries may reduce your future earnings. We will also seek damages for pain and suffering and all out-of-pocket costs you may have incurred as a result of the accident.

The insurance company says that I don't need a lawyer, is this true?

Your insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible to settle your claim. They prefer that you act without the advice of a lawyer to increase their chances that you will accept a smaller settlement. You can bet that the insurance company has a large team of lawyers representing their interests, the only way for you to protect your interests is to have a skilled injury lawyer working for you.

At Deutschmann Law, we help our clients injured in accidents to get the settlements they deserve. We also specialize in helping people who are fighting for their disability benefits. Call us today if you’ve been hurt in a car accident, or in slip and fall accident, or you are battling to get the disability benefit you deserve. We can arrange home and hospital visits to speak with you about your case if getting to us is too difficult for you.

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