Top Driving Myths Debunked by Police

October 06, 2020, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer

We've grown up hearing lots of things about driving and what's illegal, and what isn't. Here is a list of things that are NOT illegal. Remember when you are driving that just because something isn’t illegal, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily a good idea either. Always consider whether what you are doing is safe before you do it.

  1. You have until the end of your birthday month to renew your licence plate sticker – WRONG
    Your sticker and driver licence expire on your birthday day. Police officers have the discretion to enforce the date. They will sometimes give you a warning and issue a grace period if you’re within a couple of days. If you let it go too long, you’ll get a fine.

    Remember, you can now renew them online UNTIL your birthday. You’ll print off proof of renewal and keep it in your car until the actual sticker comes. After that you’ll have to go to an office in person.
  2. It’s illegal to change lanes in an intersection – WRONG
    There is no law against it. However, remember that the majority of car accidents happen in intersections. Changing lanes in one makes them that much more dangerous. Police warn that if you can do a lane change safely with a turn signal then it is not illegal.
  3. You can’t drive barefoot. WRONG
    You are allowed to as there is nothing in the Highway Traffic Act requiring a driver to wear shoes. Be sure you have some though in case you are in an accident or it starts to rain or snow.
  4. Trucks may not drive in the ‘fast lane’ (inside lane) on the highway – WRONG
    unless signed otherwise transport trucks may drive in any lane of the highway. On some older roads they must drive in the fast lane as it is the only one with enough clearance at bridges.
  5. It’s illegal to signal other drivers to let them know about speed traps – WRONG
    That’s a myth. There is no offence involved shen you flash your lights to warn oncoming traffic about speed traps. Don’t do it at night though as you can temporarily blind the oncoming driver.



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