Ontario Judges Take a Stand: Refusing to Sit at Aging GTA Courthouse

October 10, 2023, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer


The Toronto Star reported in September that there are serious concerns with the historic GTA Courthouse.

In a significant development that raises concerns about the safety and functionality of an aging courthouse in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario judges have taken a bold stance by refusing to preside over in-person matters within the facility. This move comes in response to a history of serious issues with the building, including a lengthy closure not too long ago. In this blog post, we delve into the details of this decision and the implications it may have for the legal community in Ontario.

The Troubled History of the GTA Courthouse

The GTA courthouse in question has been plagued by problems for years. These issues came to a head when the facility experienced a prolonged closure due to structural and safety concerns. It is this troubling history that has led Ontario judges to express their deep concerns about the current state of the building.

"Given the long history of serious problems with this building, including those that caused a very lengthy closure of the entire courthouse not that long ago, until we know more, we cannot in good conscience preside over in-person matters in this building," states the collective sentiment of the Ontario judges.

The Safety Factor

One of the primary concerns raised by the judges is the safety of the courthouse. Aging infrastructure can pose a significant risk to everyone who enters the building, from judges and lawyers to litigants and court staff. Safety is paramount in any legal setting, and this refusal to sit at the courthouse reflects the judges' unwavering commitment to ensuring a secure environment for all.

The Impact on Legal Proceedings

The decision of Ontario judges not to preside over in-person matters at the GTA courthouse will undoubtedly have a significant impact on legal proceedings in the region. It may result in delays and backlogs as cases are shifted to other courthouses or transitioned to virtual hearings. While this move prioritizes safety, it also underscores the urgency of addressing the courthouse's long-standing issues.

Calls for Action

The judges' refusal to sit at the aging courthouse is not just a declaration of concern but a call to action. It highlights the pressing need for the government and relevant authorities to address the problems plaguing this essential legal institution. This situation is a stark reminder of the importance of investing in infrastructure to ensure the effective functioning of the justice system.

Legal Community Response

The legal community in Ontario has shown solidarity with the judges' decision. Many lawyers and legal professionals understand the gravity of the situation and support the need for a safe and functional courthouse. Their support emphasizes the collaborative effort required to resolve the issues at hand.

Government Responsibility

Ultimately, the responsibility for addressing the problems with the GTA courthouse lies with the government and relevant agencies. It is incumbent upon them to take swift and effective action to rectify the structural and safety concerns that have plagued the facility for years. Ensuring the integrity of the justice system is a shared responsibility, and it is vital that the necessary steps are taken to restore confidence in the courthouse.


The refusal of Ontario judges to sit at the aging GTA courthouse serves as a stark reminder of the critical role that infrastructure plays in the administration of justice. Safety and functionality must be paramount in legal settings, and this decision underscores the urgency of addressing longstanding issues. It is now up to the government and relevant authorities to take action and ensure that the GTA courthouse meets the standards required for a fair and secure legal process in Ontario. The legal community stands united in its call for a swift resolution to this pressing issue, and the outcome will have far-reaching implications for the future of the justice system in the province.

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