It's important to have the best helmet for your child

September 11, 2018, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer

Back to school is well underway and a lot of kids are riding their bikes to and from school, and around the neighbourhoods. I love to see the level of activity and by and large the kids are compliant with the rules of the road and are wearing helmets. It is concerning though when kids ride by either without a helmet, or a clearly poor fitting one.

Head injuries are the number one cause of serious injury and death in kids on bikes. A head injury can have life altering impacts. A properly fitted helmet absorbs some impact and protects your 1 cm thick skull from physical cuts and bashes in the event of a call. It’s estimated by that four out of five brain injuries in bike accidents can be prevented with a helmet. By law in Ontario every cyclist under the age of 18 must wear an approved helmet. Parents should ensure this and should lead by example wearing a helmet themselves.

Helmets are crucial to keeping kids safe on bikes when they fall or get into a crash. Bike helmets should always be used for cycling, scooters, and inline skating to protect the head and brain.

Never use helmets from other sports - a hockey helmet is designed for falls on ice, at differing speeds and angles than a bike helmet. Helmets are extremely sports specific in their design features.

  • Always purchase a new helmet for your child. Never hand down or take a used one. Helmets are designed for one crash only. If they are dropped or absorb a fall then they may not be effective in a second crash.
  • Make sure the helmet is the right size and is fitted properly. It shouldn’t move around on the head, and the chin strap should be snug in order to keep the helmet on in a crash.
  • Make sure the helmet is worn across the forehead, not tilted back on the head.
  • Get a brightly coloured one, preferably with reflective strips.
  • Tell your kids not to lend helmets (think head lice or breakage).
  • Consider paying more for helmets with integrated LED flashing lights in the rear that provide excellent visibility
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