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December 08, 2016, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is an important step in what most people describe as a long and difficult process. You, or your loved one will likely be injured, in pain, psychologically stressed, and may well be under considerable financial pressure. You need to find someone who will be honest with you, and will establish reasonable expectations for an outcome. You will not get rich from a personal injury lawsuit, but you should have a fair settlement that allows you to get the help you need to achieve maximum recovery from your accident.

If you have been injured and require the services of a lawyer to settle your claim it is important to consider many factors.

Firstly, you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer. It is crucial to hire someone who is current with the legislation, case law, practices and process of the insurance industry. A lawyer with longstanding connections is particularly important as they can help to move your case along. Relationships with the lawyers representing the insurance companies are invaluable.

Secondly, you will want to hire a lawyer who has a good reputation and is successful. Many years of experience don’t necessarily translate to success. You can ask around to your friends and co-workers for recommendations for a personal injury lawyer. Ask your regular lawyer for a referral as well. Ask them their experiences, and what they would do the same or differently. Were they happy with the service of their lawyer? Was the lawyer fair in their assessments and assurances? Were they available to speak with their clients? Did they receive a fair settlement?

Thirdly, go for a consultation with the lawyer. You will have to explain your case honestly and clearly. Be prepared for questions, and bring the information along that they request. I give initial consultations for free. Assess the lawyer at this point (they will be assessing you as well). You will likely be spending some time with one another and if you don’t feel like you can trust each other now that may not improve. Find out if the lawyer has a team and financial resources to support your claim from beginning to end.

Follow all the advice the lawyer gives you. Take notes whenever you speak to them, the insurance company or treating medical professionals. Always tell the truth.  Keep in mind that if the lawyer says to stay off social media, and advises you that you are under surveillance, they mean it. Any deviation from their advice can turn your case from successful to not. All lawyers should advise you of the what they charge, and how/when the fees are collected. Make sure you understand the details of any contract you enter into with a lawyer.

The years of trial, advocacy, and negotiation experience that my 22 years in practice have given me are invaluable in winning fair and successful outcomes for my clients. If you have any questions about your accident, please call me.

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