Nova Scotia Leading the Way – Installation of Bicycle Traffic Signals

June 08, 2023, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer

Bicycle traffic signals aren’t new. They’ve been in use in Europe for many decades and along with other cycle-friendly features like separated bike lanes, they have helped make riding safe and fun while reducing the number of bicycle accidents and injuries.

Canada has been slow to adopt many road design features that make for safer use by vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians.

Dartmouth, N.S. has now installed a traffic light specifically for cyclists that will stop vehicles from turning right, giving the cyclists the right of way. The move is being made to reduce the number of cyclists be hit by drivers in this complex intersection. Cycling advocates say this is a good first step but also call it a drop in the bucket in terms of overall cycling safety.

  • Cycle-specific lanes and signals play a pivotal role in enhancing the safety of biking. These dedicated lanes and signals offer several advantages that contribute to the overall protection and well-being of cyclists, ensuring their safe navigation on the roads.
  • Cycle-specific lanes provide a designated space exclusively for cyclists. This segregation from motor vehicles greatly reduces the risk of collisions and conflicts. By separating bicycles from cars and trucks, cycle lanes create a physical barrier that acts as a protective buffer, minimizing the chance of accidents caused by the differing speeds and maneuvering capabilities of these vehicles. This separation also reduces the likelihood of distractions and allows cyclists to focus on their own movement and safety.
  • Cycle lanes provide a clear and predictable path for cyclists, reducing the chances of sudden unexpected movements or conflicts. With a designated space, cyclists can ride without the fear of vehicles encroaching on their path or forcing them into hazardous situations. This predictability improves the overall flow of traffic, benefiting both cyclists and motorists.
  • Cycle-specific signals also enhance safety by providing clear guidance and instructions tailored specifically for cyclists. These signals typically include separate phases for bicycles, allowing cyclists to safely cross intersections or make turns without conflicting with motor vehicle traffic. By synchronizing these signals with the flow of traffic, cyclists can navigate intersections with confidence, knowing they have dedicated time and space to maneuver safely.

Cycle-specific signals and lanes facilitate a better understanding and awareness of cyclists' presence among other road users. They serve as a visual reminder for drivers to expect and respect bicycles, reducing the risk of right-of-way violations or dangerous overtaking maneuvers. This increased visibility and awareness contribute to a safer and more harmonious coexistence between cyclists and motorists.

Cycle-specific lanes and signals are paramount in ensuring the safety of cyclists. By providing dedicated spaces, predictable paths, and tailored signals, these infrastructure elements reduce conflicts, improve traffic flow, and enhance visibility and awareness. Implementing such measures not only safeguards the well-being of cyclists but also encourages more people to choose biking as a sustainable and safe mode of transportation.

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