5 Driving Laws and Driving Myths in Canada

February 12, 2017, Kitchener, Ontario

Posted by: Robert Deutschmann, Personal Injury Lawyer

Canadians love their trivia, and driving laws/myths are no exception to that. In Canada, there are many, many sets of driving laws and none of them are particularly interesting to read. It's really more fun to rely on heresy to get your information. That isn't the best way to know your rights and obligations, but it can be entertaining if nothing else.

Here is a list of 5 of my personal favourite rules/myths that people go on about:

  1. Drivers in a funeral procession may NOT go through red lights legally. They have to follow the same rules as everyone else UNLESS the procession is being led by a police escort.
  2. In Ontario parking lots are private property. None of the rules of the road apply. You don't need to stop at the stop signs, you can text when you drive in them. You don’t' need a driver licence to drive in one.
    In Quebec, however, you can get a ticket for distracted driving (texting in a drive through line for example).
  3. In Canada, you are NOT required to have an airbag, and you can have them turned off.
  4. You cannot automatically get out of a speeding ticket just because there is an error in your personal information. The error does go to the credibility of the police should your ticket proceed to trial, but will not result in immediate dismissal of the case.
  5. You likely cannot be forced to pay for damage if you wreck your boss’ car. Your boss can ask you to pay for the damages, but ultimately the owner and/or his insurance is responsible if they lend their car. There is not legal mechanism in employment law that requires payment, and the Employment Standards Act prevents employers from docking your pay for the damage. Generally, if you have permission from the owner to drive their car, and you crash it, their insurance will cover it and the owner will take the rate hike hit. Having said that, if your boss asks you to pay for it and you don’t, it may well damage your relationship irreparably, and you may want to start looking for a new job.


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