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Jul 17, 2017 Importance of Putting Best Foot Forward At Trial Underscored - Mayers v. Khan 2017 ONCA 524
Jul 17, 2017 Limitation period clock begins to run when mother signs statement of claim - Azzeh v. Legendre, 2017 ONCA 385
Jul 13, 2017 Paraplegic recovers to finish half marathon
Jul 06, 2017 Treating Chronic Pain Does Not Always Mean Using Opioids
Jul 05, 2017 Hired Gun Expert's 'Opinion' Deemed Invalid and Overturned on Appeal
Jul 04, 2017 Fake Accidents Staged to Make Drivers Slow Down
Jun 29, 2017 Assessments Not Submitted Until Date of Hearing - All Claims Denied - CanLII 33655 (ON LAT 16-001756)
Jun 26, 2017 Spooked Horse Throws Woman and Tramples Her – ATV to Blame – Accident Occurs - Zenith and McAlpine
Jun 23, 2017 Crumbling Skull Argument Successful in Appeal of Settlement
Jun 21, 2017 Half of Canadians denied CPP disability benefits are successful on appeal
Jun 21, 2017 Spilled coffee in drive through deemed an ‘accident’
Jun 20, 2017 Ontario's Car Insurance Regime Lacks Transparency
Jun 14, 2017 Mental Injuries Need Not Be Diagnosed by Expert For Trial Purposes - Saadati v. Moorhead, 2017 SCC 28
Jun 13, 2017 Dangerous driving deaths spike in province
Jun 01, 2017 10 Tips for Safe Summer Driving
May 30, 2017 Insurer Relies on Erroneous Evidence, Ignores Facts - Applicant's injuries Fall Outside of MIG - Grewal and State Farm FSCO A15-002540
May 25, 2017 Chronic Pain Removes Applicant from MIG
May 23, 2017 Forensic Evidence Proves Fall from Ladder is Accident
May 22, 2017 Lack of Evidence and Failure to Follow Procedure Leads to Denial of IRB Claim - LAT 16-000097/AABS
May 19, 2017 Lack of Evidence and Failure to Follow Procedure Leads to Denial of IRB Claim - D.D.D. v R

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