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Jul 09, 2018 Applicant makes case that 'but for' accident she would not be as ill as she is - AB and State Farm
Jul 04, 2018 Insurer ordered to pay special award and interest - Wang and TTC
Jun 27, 2018 Applicant's case hinges on credibility which she lacks - Bhandal and State Farm
Jun 27, 2018 Applicant is CAT impaired with Class 4 Marked Impairment - MM and Optimum
Jun 26, 2018 Notwithstanding Pre-existing Injuries and Ongoing Pain Applicant Fails to Show Treatment is Reasonable and Necessary - Applicant and Allstate Canada, 2018 CanLII 39464 (ON LAT 16-004348)
Jun 26, 2018 As a Minor the Limitation Clock Does Not Begin Running Until Applicant Is 18 - Applicant and Royal and Sun Alliance, 2018 CanLII 39449 (ON LAT 17-003732)
Jun 25, 2018 "But For" Test used to establish entitlement to IRBs - Applicant and Aviva Insurance Canada, 2018 CanLII 39463 (ON LAT 16-004312)
Jun 22, 2018 Applicant Fails to show expenses were incurred - WE and Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company, 2018 CanLII 39471 (ON LAT 17-002054)
Jun 21, 2018 Insurer's Request to Repeat IEs Not Reasonable nor Necessary - Applicant and Travelers Canada, 2018 CanLII 13172 (ON LAT 17-005291)
Jun 20, 2018 EOB is not a denial of benefits and applicant may continue with claim - KG and Certas 2018 CanLII 39499 (ON LAT 16-003633)
Jun 19, 2018 Taxi Driver Injured By Collapsed Seat Eligible for SABs - State Farm v Economical
Jun 19, 2018 Applicant statute barred from applying for NEBs - WCC and Allstate 2018 CanLII 39453 (ON LAT 17-001363)
Jun 18, 2018 Insurer Corrects Defect in Denial of Benefits Letter - Applicant and Guarantee 2018 CanLII 39446 (ON LAT17-003906)
Jun 17, 2018 Confusion on part of lawyer and poor communication - IRB application commenced within two year limitation period - MTG and AVIVA 2018 CanLII 39458 (ON LAT17-002122)
Jun 16, 2018 Applicant Suffers Chronic Pain and Falls Outside MIG - FH and Certas Direct Insurance Company, 2018 CanLII 39445 (ON LAT 17-003735 )
Jun 14, 2018 Motorcycle rider hit by car - treatments reasonable and necessary - KWD and Progressive CANLII 39450 ON LAT 17-003705
Jun 11, 2018 Applicant's claim for chronic pain assessment is reasonable and necessary - 17-002213 v Aviva Insurance Canada, 2018 CanLII 13190 (ON LAT)
Jun 11, 2018 Applicant Fails to provide a treatment plan, and fails to show others are reasonable and necessary - JR and Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company, 2017 CanLII 59503 ON LAT 16-003921
Jun 11, 2018 Applicant is not statue barred from applying to LAT - Applicant and Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company, 2018 CanLII 13182 ON LAT 16-002633
Jun 09, 2018 Applicant Receives IRBs due to Insurer Error - AD and Aviva Insurance Canada, 2018 CanLII 13176 ON LAT 17-004156

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